Web & Multimedia

Internet technologies have revolutionized the way enterprises run and manage their operations. At emage we deliver the best technology while adhering to the highest industry standards in design, development and implementation.

Through our innovative business proposals our clients have become more efficient and productive.

Over the years, our dedicated team has also produced e-commerce solutions and innovative software that give our clients a distinct advantage. We deliver custom web application development, on demand CRM & application solutions, software helpdesk & support, website design, and website maintenance. Having a trusted web department allows your business to achieve new heights and create the conditions to receive the coveted sustainable development.

The Rich Internet Applications (RIA) solutions are web based applications that have the features of traditional desktop applications with better interactivity in the interface and the speed of execution. In a traditional page-based Internet application, interaction is limited to a small set of standard controls such as checkboxes, radio buttons, form fields and buttons. On the other hand a RIA can be effectively used to provide an engaging and interactive experience to the users.

RIAs can also be made to work with existing web application infrastructure and small modules and can be deployed even as part of normal HTML pages.RIAs have become the best technology choice to simplify complex processes like registration, online shopping and data analysis.





As everyody knows, the wrap makes the gift. An excellent concept can be buried when its presentation style couldn't impress the audience. We are sure you know what we are talking about. So you must consider Multimedia Presentations, because they:

  • make the presentation easier and interesting.
  • create visual fascination and catch the attention more professionally.
  • are the most effective way of expressing ideas.
  • ease the users to remember the presentation for a longer duration.
  • add value to brand building.
  • untie the complexities of concepts.

  • Whatever be the area of trade or influence you are into, the importance and requirement of Multimedia remains high everywhere. Businesses primarily share ideas and our multimedia presentations make it easier and influential for them. Hence, you can use multimedia solutions for effective presentations, to name a few:

    1. Company prospectus
    2. Industry information
    3. Training material
    4. Catalogs
    5. Launch of new products/services
    6. Educational programs
    7. Awareness mission
    8. Product showcasing
    9. CV's