Our approach

emage approaches every project with a specific philosophy, based on a simple and linear process flow that takes the following route...

1. Requirements & Data gathering

Our team collaborates with the customer’s team to understand all the requirements of the project and at the same time gathers all the necessary data related to it. This ensures that the project is initiated with a common understanding of the goal to be achieved.

2. First Draft submitted

After all the requirements & data have been gathered by our team, they are processed and the very first draft of the project is created. This draft is submitted to the client for a first look and a productive discussion between both sides takes place.

3. Re-engineering of the Draft

Based on the feedback provided from the client, the first draft is reviewed and our team will work on customizing it even more to meet the customer needs. After successive revisions, the final version of the draft starts to take shape.

4. Approving & Delivery of the final version

The final draft of the project is reviewed by the client. If it satisfies the original requirements, then the customer gives his approval to finalize the Project’s Draft. The final version is delivered, as well as any required information/training about its use.